by Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne and E M Bradford

Short Film
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Fear held her to her past. A child opened freedom's door

"The Pole"

A short film by
Mel Bradford  & Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

Fear held her to her past.  A child opened freedom's door.

Copyright (c) Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne/Mel Bradford  2005
All Rights Reserved
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Mel Bradford 28 Charles Street,Tweed Heads NSW    Draft

                    “THE POLE”

Furnished in contemporary style.
TITLES OVER SHOTS Of room furnishings, table tops, windows,   light beams on walls from window, a wall picture shot of a 55's male,a magazine on a table top, the pages suddenly turning over and over from a breeze increasing, gusting in strength ,other family photographs; and items all giving insights into the room's occupant.
The shot pans past the open window, the wind now less intense pushing the light patterned fabric curtain back; to pan along the latticed bedhead to a person reclining in bed, silhouetted against the minimal light at the window.
CLOSE PERSON IN BED .The person's eyes snap open. the eyes darting left and right “looking” for,responding to the crying sounds.
                WOMAN (V.O.)
There are two types of monsters in a kid's world. First, those monsters kids believed lived under their bed. And those  monsters children knew lived in their lives.
The person rolls over and reaches for a bed side lamp. As the light fills and 'warms' the room it reveals a number of large illustration(Cover) kids books near its base.
An attractive brunette MARY, thirty-five sits up in bed. She gathers her senses as
O.S a child  cries.
Vision Under V.O.of Child : Creep zoom to open window.
The Brunette looks directly at camera. She reacts to the window slamming shut in the stiffening breeze,snapping her head around reacting to the abrupt silence cutting sound!
AGGHHH!!(she screams a short gasping scream)
She starts pulling the covers up around her.
O/S The babies cry (now muffled,distanced)
Then drops them, relaxes somewhat.
                     MARY (chiding herself)
            Come on there's no monsters here.
She gets up, passes a side table, where large scissors and other manicure tools lay near a daily newspaper.
An older 55yrs man enters the room from a hallway door at left.
            You alright Mary? You look
               a little spooked. Working late
               at the kid's drop-in centre?
Mary while listening to her dad reaches down and picks up a  candy from the 5 Star Supermarket bag sitting on the table top. She nods ”yes” to her father                       
               I’m fine,I'm fine.
               Can you find out what's making
               that baby cry?
               I'm going ,sorry dad
               Go back to sleep.
DAD is looking at the Burlee Family Medical Practice calendar on the wall then back to Mary before leaving the room
               No problem .I see its the
               20th’ve got
              days off.You can relax then.
               Thanks for reminding me.
Mary watches her dad for a moment, then puts the candy in her nightie pocket. She gives the candy in her pocket a'safe' slap. She crosses the room to a large door located beside a small fireplace. The metallic pointed fire stoking tools leaning up against the wall.
Grabbing the door handle she opens it slightly before she stops suddenly and reaches back.
Without looking, her hand feeling along the wall. She touches the round steel firepoke, grasping it firmly.
She pushes the door wide open, walks in turns and hits the light switch with her left hand. The light comes on, as she turns back, the switch blows,fizzles.POW!! The electric shock throwing her left hand in the air.
Mary stands transfixed.
In the light beam streaming in from the other room,the steel firepoke flies (CGI) across the room,airborne, arrow like, it thudds deep into a large framed wall- mounted photograph of an attractive young blond 30 yr woman (Dressed circa late 60's/early 70's) holding a very young child(girl)in her arms.
The picture, engulfed with an electrical charge shatters the picture glass. A large (CGI)semi-transparent monster rises up and crosses the room,approaching MARY, whipping in and around her, across the face and body. MARY transfixed, in dismay, fear, bends forward, back and to the sides. It, morphing into a female form of the woman in the photograph.
              How? What?.. What are you doing here?
              Laughs .. close with Mary
              I love you darling.
              You never loved me, you were always that
              “poor woman doing her best to cope”.
              But you didn’t cope, did ya, mum?
              In my own special way ... I loved you.
            (feeling the moment.)
              Loved me?  you wouldnt have
              killed your self and left me...
              Laughs..left You? Ill always be with you
The blonde, dismissive, walks past into the room from where MARY had come from, dissolving,disappearing into thin air. The door slams shut!
Stunned, MARY momentarily reaches out for her mother. Her focus changes as she realises the steel firepoke is still in her hand. A questioning/surprised look she then snaps her head around checking the large photograph...hanging on the wall in perfect condition. MARY half smiles,a “Am I seeing things look”, regains her composure  and...
           Make that three types of monsters.
           The ones that don’t have the
           decency to stay when you're growing up!

O/S of the baby crying.
The room, dark, dimly lit by external night light 'leaking' thru a window, Mary cautiously back steps, turns and moves very quickly to the house's front door/entrance and grasps the door handle. She struggles and fights with it for what seems like 'forever' it wont open! She pauses to catch her breath. She tries again. It’s jammed.
OS the baby cries
           Get a hold of ya self! Monsters,
           kids, doors, blown lights  (beat)
           What happens if you get scared
         half to death twice?

MARY relaxes, remembering the way, runs her hand along the wall.
SFX light switch, switching on. The room fills with light
She opens the door steps through, out on to the house entrance, composes herself,grabs her night gown as the breeze catches it. She walks out onto the drive way.
OS SFX:  In the cooler night air the child’s pleading gets louder.
She walks out into the semi darkness, and we follow her as she looks around, moves forward, stops, 'homing” in on the crying child . MARY'S distracted, reacts as a Flying Fox “Flaps” loudly from a nearby tree.
MARY crosses the road and approaches a POWER POLE. She looks under the Power Grid Sign and metal NO PARKING sign to..
A CHILD  taped to the pole with duct tape.
The SIGN on his chest reads-
                 "I AM A BAD BOY"
She kneels in front of the child. The woman begins removing the tape in silence
Your mother sick again, Tim?
The child nods.
C’mon, you can stay with me tonight.
Standing beside MARY the kid looks up and nods in agreeance.
MARY SMILES. She hands him the candy she brought from the room. He looks up at MARY (beat) back to the candy and back to MARY...and cracks a wider smile.
They walk  across the street hand-in-hand.

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Copyright (c) Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne/Mel Bradford 2005 All Rights Reserved

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