The Love Hating Heat Maker

by Mason Lee

Short Film*
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The love hating heat maker.

( The main character is an insane looking male with a shaved head and scars. He is shown looking at the camera, in a dimly lit room whenever he speaks. Once he has spoken, a preview of his described action is then shown. The viewer is challenged to decide if the criminal is a rapist or an arsonist committing his crime in a forest area. Every non-bold quote is the man talking in the dark room to an u- known person
[the camera])

-“The answer to your question would be the feeling of power I get when I do it.”
Scene after speech: topless man breathing heavily with excitement in a dark forest area.

-“Sometimes I dream about the times I've spread fear into others. I wake up with sweaty palms, my heart racing, and adrenalin pumping through me. I don't wake from remorse, I wake from the pleasure I feel when I revive the moments that I have lived ” (calm voice)
Scene after speech: man waking in bed feeling his sweaty palms , panting, lights candle next to him for light, shows his excited face.

-“I've been like this since my early teens ,since my urges began to dominate my self control. I see beauty full of life, and I have to VIOLATE IT” ( last 2 words are said viciously with saliva spraying about)
Scene after speech: sexy lady walking past a forest (still camera, taken from distance, focus is on the forest)

-“Not many people get to experience the pleasure I feel, most people stop themselves when they feel their power hungry impulses trying to control them. But I like to lose control and free myself upon the world”(his eyes light up and shows obvious excitement during last sentence)
Scene after speech: Dark forest, “aghhhh”- a lady's voice screams desperately.

-“I always wait until night. The coldness makes it easier to overcome my conscience, the coldness makes me need the warmth I give so I can survive.” (clenches fists)
Scene after speech: Man Shivering in cold dark forest, fog breath.

-“The warmth I give is usually meant for comfort, romance or excitement. I create this heat because it makes me feel powerful”
Scene after speech: Man's face (close up)- sick and twisted laugh. Spit flies everywhere

-“The fear I make can be seen better at night, the noises from my actions are magnified from the surrounding silence, which makes it more significant to me. I feel the pressure the most as I stealth my approach. Knowing that I will have to be in and out as fast as possible to avoid getting caught is half the thrill of what I do. But I was a bit too thrilled for my liking tonight.”
Scene after speech: man holding torch, running fast through the forest.

-“I like to plan my attack carefully. The gloss leaves sap on me as I push through the mouth of the dark world that rejects my intrusion with a cold blow”
Scene after speech: Topless Man shivering uncomfortably (from waist up)

-“I persisted on my entrance until I got bitten, a rush of pain ran through me as I tried hard not to shout from the excitement. It weakened me, making me limp but it didn't beat me, the mouth of this creature wasn't strong enough for that.” (Angry)
Scene after speech: close up of man's face- in obvious pain, turns to a sick smile.

-“The next entrance was a struggle, but I pushed through the crack in the surroundings. To find that I could go no further, it was a skinny, dark passage with a foul smell, so I decided to backtrack.”
Scene after speech: “this is not supposed to be the way in”

-“I approached a fury creature that guarded my next entrance , it didn't approve my presence.
It tried to make me leave, claws appeared from the darkness, scratching at my face, the wound was dripping on the ground as I leave behind some DNA.”
Scene after speech: man with claw wounds on his face, dripping blood.

-“I got inside the dark forest, pushing my way through the surrounding bush. I could feel the moist surface that creates life, as I realised I was not there to water it, I was there to destroy it.”
Scene after speech: show man's bare feet on muddy ground

-“I pushed my way through, it was definitely getting harder to finish my mission, the cold wasn't helping much either. I tried to feel the spark, but the jungle didn't want it. I grabbed the cans then smothered the liquid over the woody shaft”.
Scene after speech: Man's hands shown with transparent liquid

-“ Things started to heat up more than usual because this time I didn't wear protection, so I could feel the heat at it's greatest extent before I left.
Sweat was dripping from my face, but I couldn't tell if it was from the heat, excitement or the fear that I felt.
I was throbbing with excitement at every beat of my heart as the spark caused a fire inside of me.
The excitement grew as I was startled by a high pitched shriek”.
Scene after speech: High pitched shriek echoing from a forest (animal or lady?)
-“The forest hadn't felt such warmth before”.

-“I kept on persisting until a frenzy broke out, the heat reached boiling point as my excitement overflowed.
At this stage I felt powerful, like a god who showed the world his flames, showed the world his hate for love and his love for hate. I was satisfied”
Scene after speech: Man yelling in woods “Yesss! I am the beast of fury!”, man's face is glowing with light from flames, as a lady starts to cry.

- “After the wooden shaft exploded with heat I knew I had left my mark forever. The warmth from the shaft didn't give any life, but it did change the lives of many”.
Scene after speech: Man in forest, hears the lady's voice, “someone help!”, lady runs off crying

I look back at the dark sky, as I breathe in the smoke that completes the burst of pleasure running through my body. I was content.
Scene after speech: man walking away with a cigarette

-“ I do this knowing the suffering will continue, even after the flames have disappeared. Alcohol wont ease the burning, it will make it stronger and less controlled.”
Scene after speech: a drunk lady crying, smashing bottles into a fire, causing it to flame up in chaos.

“But it seemed tonight there was an unwanted witness to my ritual, now you will experience the heat of what you saw. Any other questions?”
Scene after speech: lady crying, “please no! you're a freak!! A fucking monster!”. Man gets up , lights the fireplace and says - “ this will help me get into the right mood”.
He then walks over to the tied up woman, holding the lighter in his hand as he forces her into a sexual position.

- “Don't worry about what's to come. Death will eventually set you free from the painful prison that is about to become of your body”
Scene after speech:


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