The Awakening

by Anthony Kirkwood

TV Script
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Jennifer Flowers, an ordinary ten year old girl, discovers that she is a magician, and that her mother, Katherine, once a white magician, is now a black magician with an evil plan to rule the world. It is up to Jennifer to figure out who she is and how Katherine can be stopped. The first episode of this TV children’s series finds Jennifer Flowers lost in a world of wonder and utter strangeness - that of the world of magicians, good and bad. Jennifer is an ordinary ten year old girl. But strange things are going on around her. When she finds out that Mr. Low, her eighty year old neighbour, has died under mysterious circumstances, and that Mr. Low had abilities that can only be described as magical, her own world immediately begins to change. On a routine trip to town with her mother Katherine, Jennifer comes across a seemingly harmless lamp. Upon touching the magical lamp, a strange spell is placed upon Jennifer. It is up to Jennifer to find her way out of the bizarre situation she finds herself in

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