Magnolia Manor Episodes 1 - 7

by Barbara Cromie

7 Part TV Series
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A seven + episode comedic insight into an upmarket residential care facility.

Magnolia Manor is an expensive establishment offering quality aged care. The residents range from those who are demanding and arrogant to those who don’t even know where they are. This mix of characters offers opportunity for unpredictable and confronting interaction and consequences. They can be uninhibited, opinionated, narcissistic and bitingly funny at times.

Each episode begins with us arriving at Magnolia Manor as described in the first episode. Magnolia Manor has its own music that plays as background music in the common areas. As we approach the entrance, we become aware of this music – a jazz/swing sound that can be moderate but become intense, dreamy or playful at times as indicated in the script.

The series begins with the arrival of a new resident, Judith and we meet the others as the script builds from there. Each has their own fascinating (or not) back-story and impact on the place.

The residents are a rich source of humour, rudeness, arrogance, petty jealousies and caustic observations. Magnolia Manor provides a comic insight into the childishness, petulance and breathtaking behavior of some of life’s older citizens.

Main Characters


Matron is a large, dominating and colourful presence with a lust for life and food. She is somewhere in her 50’s and has an obsession with Magnolia Manor’s handyman.

Beatrice and Roger

Married for over 50 years, they have recently moved in following  Beatrice’s hip replacement. Beatrice is determined this will be a temporary recuperation phase only. She is a busty, bossy woman who rules everything, including Roger who is a thin man, of reasonable height and a slightly defeated demeanor. Beatrice is constantly on-guard to protect Roger from another resident, Nigel, who she believes fancies Roger.

Although they have adjoining rooms according to the rules, Roger is always in Beatrice’s room as she demands his constant attention and presence as a sounding board for her strongly voiced opinions.

Vera and Doris

Feisty elderly widows who have resided at Magnolia Manor for some years, they stick together and have a keen sense of observation, seeming to know everything that goes on in MM.

They appear similar thanks to equally tight curly hair that springs around their heads like a dome and then is cut off straight at chin length. This human toilet brush effect is the speciality of the in-house hairdresser.


A rather arrogant new resident who struggles to adapt and has a bit of a princess complex, a massive sense of entitlement and a prickly relationship with her daughter and son-in-law.


Vibrant and vague in her 70’s, Vera has soaked up the 60’s and 70’s like a sponge and continued the party. Alternative dress sense and a bit off the air – years of drugs and dope smoking – uninhibited and ignores authority. Family money allowed her to continue her lifestyle with no effort. Her friends are mostly old hippies, also somewhat off the air.


This handsome South American carer smooth-talks the residents, loves chocolate and is kept well supplied through his flirtatious ways.


A bouncy, fit, horsey woman in her 40’s who runs activities and outings and has a healthy interest in a few off-limit activities of her own.


Isobelle is the keeper of the rules. A tall, thin, uptight resident who feels it is her role in the facility to ensure no-one steps over the line, a somewhat fruitless mission.


Accident prone, small and screaming victim, Mary seems to be constantly in the wrong place at the wrong time.

(a Seven + Part Television Series)

Magnolia Manor is a series based on first-hand experience about a group of privileged elderly citizens in an upmarket residential care facility. The rudeness, arrogance, humor, sarcasm and sense of entitlement they display has in no way been softened by their advancing years.

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