by Frankie Pain

Short Film
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This is a beautiful short film script depicting the effect on an elderly gentleman, immediately after his wife has passed away. The story captures the emotions of a man who has just lost the love of his life. The story encompasses the struggles and efforts of a man striving to survive life, without his love.


This is a beautiful short film script depicting the effect on an elderly gentleman, immediately after his wife has passed away.  The story captures the emotions of a man who has just lost the love of his life.  The story encompasses the struggles and efforts of a man striving to survive life, without his love.


The short film script commences (in the lounge room) with the elderly mans’ daughter and her family leaving his house after the family gathering following the funeral.  The opening scene sees Susan hugging her father and then asking him if he needs them to stay (which he declines).

Are you sure you don’t want us to stay, dad?

I’ll be all right darling.

 They hug again.

        I love you.

        I love you too.

Take care max. 

They hug. 

Colin (Cont)
You give me a call anytime.

Colin is rubbing the shoulder of Max.


The couple have two daughters, who are aged four and six.  Max gives both of them a hug.  As he is speaking to them, he is starting to break down.

Max (Cont)
Your Grandma would have been so proud.

The granddaughters and Max smile at each other.   Susan has tears in her eyes.

Colin opens the front door of the house and him and both grandchildren walk out.  Susan is the last to walk out and gives her dad one last kiss.

You know where we are.

 Max nods and they smile at each other.  They both have tears in their eyes.

Susan (Cont)

Immediately after Susan and her family leave, Max closes the front door of his house and turns around to discover a lonely and empty room.  Max walks over to his chair and sits down.  He then grabs (from his little coffee table next to his chair) the funeral booklet that was used for the funeral of his wife that day.  He looks at her photograph on the front of it.  He then looks through the booklet for a short period.  He has more tears in his eyes and puts it back down again. As he is putting the booklet back on the table, he notices the empty chair (located on the other side of the table) that his wife used to sit in.   He looks quite sad and then he lies back into his chair and falls asleep.   

The house becomes a lot darker, as late afternoon has arrived. Max awakes and then walks into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.  He has clearly never used the jug before and he does not know where to put the water in.  Instead of opening the top of the jug, he pours water from the tap into the small opening of the jug (where the water pours out from).  He then opens up two wrong cupboard doors, before he finds out where the coffee cups are kept.  He puts too much coffee into his cup.  Max is then sitting at the kitchen table, for a short period of time, drinking his coffee.  He does not approve of the taste. There is complete silence in the house. The telephone then rings (The telephone is located in a small hallway).  

He walks over to the phone and picks it up.


Max has a confused and upset look on his face as he is trying to listen to the person on the phone.

Max (Cont)
I can’t hear you! (pause) If you’re after Bessy, (starts to break down) she’s dead!  

Max slams down the phone and leans up against the wall crying. 

Max composes himself a little and walks back into the kitchen and goes over to a bench near the window and leans on the bench looking outside the window.  Max is looking into a neighbours’ yard, focusing on a young man in his thirties, playing in the yard with his wife and two children (one child a boy and one child a girl).   The family is laughing together and this displays to Max that these moments are very special, however they don’t last forever.  Max has a flashback to when he used to play with his wife and small children.  The focus is on his wife.  In the flashback, his wife is smiling and laughing with him and the children.  Max manages a small smile, when the scene flashes back to him in his kitchen.

A clock on the wall shows that it is six o’clock pm and Max opens the fridge to discover that it is full of fresh food.  He takes out a piece of steak and two eggs.  He then locates a frypan and some cooking oil. He adds way too much oil and then throws the steak and broken eggs into the frypan.  At this stage, the frypan remains sitting on the kitchen bench.  Max turns his attention to the stove. It is a high tech stove, that is on the lock mode.  He is pushing buttons that relate to his frying circle however because it is on the lock mode, nothing is happening.  He eventually works out the lock mode and gets his circle to heat up. When he turns around to get his frypan, he notices that his cat (Ginger) is up on the bench, licking the eggs that are in the frypan.  He calmly puts the cat on the floor and leaves the frypan and its contents on the kitchen bench.

From outside the house, the front door opens and Max walks out (with his jacket in his hand) and he closes the front door.  Max is then sitting at a table in a local pub, having a beer.  He looks over to a young couple, who are hugging and kissing, playing pool with a group of other people.  Max has some more of his beer.  A waitress then puts his cooked roast in front of him and then she puts her hand on his shoulder, as she walks off.  He is about half way through his glass of beer when he eats his first mouthful of the meal.  He chews for a while and is staring down at the table.

From inside the house, the front door opens and Max walks in (wearing his jacket). Max closes the door behind him.   Max is in the shower.  The water is just pouring off his head and he has his eyes closed.  Max then cleans his teeth.  Max walks into the main bedroom (with a towel wrapped around him) and goes straight to the bottom of the bed. (It is clear that he is looking for his pyjamas that his wife used to put at the bottom of the bed for him every night).  Max pauses and then goes over to a set of drawers where he opens two incorrect drawers before he opens the right drawer to get out some pyjamas. 

Max is watching television in bed (with headphones on) and he is starting to fall off to sleep.  He turns the television off and removes his headphones.  He then lies down and closes his eyes. Within no time he opens his eyes again, as he can not sleep.  Max continues to stare at the ceiling, with his eyes open and tears falling down his face.  Max eventually falls asleep.

The next morning arrives and Max is woken and sits up suddenly.

Max (Cont)

Max is looking for her temporarily and then lies back down and looks at the ceiling again.

The door bell rings and Max is in the kitchen feeding Ginger.  Max does not hear the door bell. Susan is at the front door and she walks around to the back of the house, where she looks in for a moment to see Max talking to Ginger. Susan can also see the frypan with the steak and eggs in it from the night before.  She has a sad look on her face and then she taps on the window and Max can see her.  Max has a big smile on his face when he sees Susan through the window. He opens up the back door and Susan and Max look at each other.

Susan then turns her attention towards the frypan and Max notices this.

Oh dad.

Susan hugs him and Max breaks down in her arms.  Susan has tears in her eyes.

Susan (Cont)
Why don’t you and Ginger come live with us for a while, hey?
Max nods and they begin to hug again.

End of short film script

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