INTERPERCEPTION or how I learned to use my eyes

by Lucy Hutton

Short Film
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People are always perceiving life's situations to be a certain way before or after they have experienced it, they then rely on these perceptions as the basis and reason for why they act/live the way the do. Humans in general are so religious to their perceptions, thus sheltering them from an ocean of possibilities that have not yet been discovered. This film depicts the fact that there are infinity+ sides to every coin, and that no matter how much colour you think you see things still aren't that black and white. The film depicts a blind man who lives in a nursing home and is treated like absolute shit by the employees there, yet due to his complete lack of sight he is unable to see or perceive the reality of his harsh life; giving him the ability to ignore all of this (on purpose or by default) and live a totally blissful and carefree life.

The film scenes consist of showing the audience the rough reality of the blind mans life in the nursing home, contrasted by the pure beauty and happiness of his inner reality. The film is set mainly in the nursing home with a few scenes set in imagined scenarios of the blind man.

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