Hard Earned

by Tom Slack

short film
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Jay sits in his car around the side of a petrol station. He wears a balaclava. He holds a .22 rifle. It is the middle of the night. The station is deserted. He is after cash and he needs it now. In a month's time his fiancé, Daniele, will give birth to their first child. They are twenty years old. They have no money. They have no family. They have nothing but each other. Jay doesn't have a criminal record, but he is desperate. In his situation, an easy earned dishonest dollar is better than a hard earned honest dollar. Jay proceeds to hold up the service station, but he is unsuccessful. The man behind the counter pulls a gun on Jay. A screaming match ensures until the men's nerves reach breaking point. Both triggers are squeezed and both men fall to the floor with mere inches dividing them. Both of the guns are still pointed at their now relatively incapacitated targets. Neither of the men is going anywhere. Unbeknown to Jay, and us, the man behind the counter was actually in the process

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