From The Inside

by Alex Rice

Short Film*
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'from the inside' is an original film idea and part script about a man who lives in and works in an industrial area, he goes on a journey of enlightenment, and he transforms from a nervous man on the brink of destruction to a real hero.

From the inside 5/12/2008
[Preferably shot black and white super 8]
Starts as the main character an adult man, drives a short while home with
Allot of bustling noises mixed with an un-ceasing car drone.
Unlocks the door to his flat goes inside and performs the daily ritual
That most of us do.
Tucks himself in bed, not a word uttered
It the next day and this time it’s the morning ritual finalized by a short clip
Of the long drive to work witch is basically industrial scenery the whole time
The only exceptions being run-down looking shops.
Gets to work and he's exactly on time, there is lots of warehouse noises
Very industrial and nearly psychotic in incessant rhythms
Lots of fake clandestine smiles and stuff but not a word.
He finishes work and then evil type smiles come upon all his coworkers faces,
At each glance the main character becomes jitterier and un settled
The leaving work scene is bustling lip smacking anticipatory smiles
Jostling, fighting to get out the door he finally gets out of the factory
Into the open air and quickly moves to the side of the building
An expression of sadness and anger hits his face and a light rain drizzles down
Making his hair and face wet.
He is in his car now, no-body around him and he is calm.
Driving in the night in the factoryesque scene nothing about,
Now we see people and more brightly lit streets cue song "girls on the avenue"
He looks as if he is scoping for a hooker as he drives slowly down streets
Filled with sin.
Driving the street is almost painful for him to do and once again he is
He makes long eye contact with a plain looking girl in a white long dress
And very slowly she gets more beautiful her dress gets longer
She is becoming a beautiful bride, and then the eye contact is broken by a dirty
Ruff looking man with a devilish smile that takes her into a building
She looks back but the main character is gone.
He’s driving now, right smack bang on the speed limit cuts to him nearing his
House again but suddenly he cannot do it, he can't go home he is angered by his
Home and he floors it, the scene looks as if he'll surely go mad and crash but
He doesn’t he drives 'till morning.

And it goes on in super 8 until he is driving in the bright morning sun,
When all of a sudden a sun shower starts, with this he mutters the first words of the movie
'Sun shower'

[Preferably shot in digital high res camera]
He gets out of the car and the world is in bright colors
(He is dressed in black and white with black and white make up),
Slowly the sun shower washes the makeup off of his face and he becomes color,
He takes his shirt off and enjoys the rain for a bit then and it stops
Then he looks back at his (Black) car and it shocks him
And then the sunshine is on his face and washes away the his troubles,
With a content smile as if knowing exactly what to do he proceeds to
His car grabs out a pack of cigarettes and a Zippo lighter,
And lights the Zippo lights his cigarette slowly and enjoyably and then
Casually he throws the still lit lighter onto the seat of the car.
It cuts to him admiring the beautiful scenery smoking and a car pulls up on the
Deserted type road he was on it’s a bunch of brightly dressed hippie's
And they yell out the window 'hey man your cars on fire'
He gives it a quick glance and shrugs his shoulders 'so what?'
They ask him if he wants to come in there van because they are going
To an awesome party,
He parties, takes drugs, good trip scene, makes love to two women.

Don’t exactly know how to end it but something like,
He has a dream about the woman he saw that turned into a bride,
He makes it his mission to go and save her.
Then he finally see's her somewhere and they kiss
The end.

©2008 Copyright 5/12/2008 by Alexander Mark Rice

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