by John Hutchins

Short Film
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Two boys, Mark Joseph and Peter Willard, were in love with the same girl, Angela. The love triangle tore their lifelong friendship apart so they decided to kill Angela and save their friendship at the cost of her life. That night they kill Angela in the dead Forrest and make a stretcher from some dead trees and are taking her to the dam where they will dump the body never to be seen again.

MARK and PETER are catching their breath with the stretcher, made by trees lying on the ground behind them. ANGELA’S body is being covered by a single sheet, with her right arm hanging out.
Mark:  What the hell are we doing?
Peter:  Taking a break. Its a long walk to the dam.
Mark:  God damn it Peter, you know what I mean.
Peter: Look we agreed that this was the right thing to do. We made a pact. Kill Angela and we save our friendship.
Mark:  At what cost. She’s dead because we fell in Love with the same girl.
Peter:  I know you’re having a hard time with this but it had to happ-
Mark:  For Fuck sake! Look at her. What have we done?
Peter:  Hey don’t play that guilt trap on me! We both agreed.
Mark:  Did we?
Peter:  What’s that suppose to mean?
Mark: I was in love, she was the one. We’ve been friends for what thirteen years. Why couldn’t you just have supported our relationship?
Peter: Because I was in love with her as well. She was the one for me as well, you know that, now.
Mark:  Jesus, its freezing out here.
Peter:  I told you to bring jacket.
Mark:  Should have brought a conscience for you as well.
Peter:  Hey, Fuck you! I couldn’t control my feelings for her. I had to do something.
Mark:  Did you have to have sex with her, behind my back, in my bloody bedroom.  Did it also ever occur to you that all you had to say was I love her to.
Peter:  Well I’m sorry I didn’t. I was going to leave but I didn’t want our friendship  to end, OK I’m sorry.
Mark:  So am I. Look where we are now. Angela’s dead.
Peter:  We agreed to do this, you are part of this now whether you like it or not.
Mark:  I’m a murderer. I’m going to gaol.
Peter: For God’s sake pull yourself together. What’s done is done. Lets just get her to the damn. Plus you’re only an accomplice to murder which would equal to manslaughter. Technically I killed her, with your approval of course.
Mark:  You know, for a guy who loved you’re not acting like you miss her.
Peter:  And now we can continue our friendship.
Mark:  Oooh, I can really feel the love here.
Angela’s right hand twitches catching both Mark and Peter’s attention.
  Jesus Christ. You see that, she fucking moved.
Peter:  Just a post mortem spasm or something. That’s what happens when you get a   bullet to the head.
Mark:  What!? How do you know this shit?
Peter:  Well I wanted to get the murder right, you know, leave no traces or something  like that.
Mark:  You’re fucking sick. I’m fucking sick.
Mark throws up behind the tree.
Peter:  Harden the fuck up.
Angela’s body twitches again and a howling moan fills the cold air.
Mark: What the fuck was that!? And don’t say a post mortem spasm, bodies don’t fucking groan.
Angela’s exposed right arm begins to move ever so slightly.
 What? Peter, what?
Peter: (In shock) her arm is moving.
Mark: Jesus! Is that even possible, taking a bullet in the head and surviving?
Peter: Apparently it is, in this case.
Peter whips out a gun from the back of his pants.
Mark: (whispers out of shock.) What are you doing?
Peter: Finishing the job.
Angela’s arm now moves more freely and her legs begin to slowly come back to life. Peter walks over the live body and pulls back the sheet revealing her head.
  Jesus Christ. She’s fully awake.
Mark:  I don’t believe this, it can’t be happening.
Peter:  (Grins.) Oh it’s happening my friend.
Peter cocks the gun and shoots three rounds into Angela’s chest.
Mark:  Fuck sake! Got enough bullets there Rambo.
Peter:  Second time’s the charm.
Mark:  I. I can’t do this anymore. I’m going insane.  (Takes a deep breath in.)
Peter:  You okay?
Mark:  No. What the hell do we do now?
Peter:  All we can do is reflect on what has been done and move on.
Mark:  Why didn’t you leave?
Peter:  What?
Mark:  You said you were going to leave, why didn’t you?
Peter:  It doesn’t matter now.
Mark:  Yes, it does! You may have loved her but if you planned all this there must  have been something else.
Peter:  You don’t want to know.
Mark:  Tell me, I have a right to know. We are in this together after all.
Peter: Right, right. That night we had se-, we slept together Angela told me about someone. Meaning not you or me.
Mark:  No shit.
Peter: She ran away six months ago. She got cold feet at her wedding and ran away. Then she met you and fell in love again, then me. A real revolving door.
Mark:  I don’t believe you. Angela said she loved me.
Peter: Said the same thing to me bro. Maybe if one of us got engaged to her down the line she would have ran and found herself another naive fool like you, like me.
Mark: Are you trying to justify all this? If you are then after all these years, I really don’t know you at all.
Peter: I’m not. The day after you caught Angela and I in bed, your bed sorry, I got a visitor at my place. His name was Tom, about twenty six same age as Angela. He said that had been tracking her for months now. Tom found out that she was a gold digger.
Mark laughs.
Mark:  What?
Peter: Think about it, you’re a little mummy’s boy, rich family getting what he wants as a result becoming too naive for his own good. A perfect target.
Mark:  What about you then? You fell for her just as I did.
Peter: Angela told me that once she married you, if she had the guts that is, she would take the money and offer me the chance to go with her. I couldn’t let her do that.
Mark:  So you planned to kill her.
Peter:  So did you. Don’t feel so bad now do you, now that you know the truth.
Mark: I don’t know what to think. It doesn’t change the fact that we killed someone. For our own needs. Angela married naive fools for money and we killed someone to preserve our friendship. Is that really so different.
Peter checks his watch.
Peter: It’s one now. We should get moving. And in answer to your question Mark, it is different.
Mark: You know what I’m done, I can’t do this anymore. In fact it sounds like you two were meant for each other. You really wanted her that much, you can have her, I’m done.
Mark turns his back, he hears the click of the cocking of the pistol. Mark turns back around to face Peter, who is aiming the gun at him.
Peter:  You’re not done.
Mark:  What are you doing Peter? Put that thing down.
Peter:  We’re taking the body to the dam.
Mark: No, you’re taking Angela to the dam while I go home and try and save what’s left of my life.
Peter: You got involved with her two and helped conspired to kill her.
Mark: No Peter, you wanted to kill her because she loved me more than you and because of that you wanted to punish me for that.
Peter: Shut up! Pick the stretcher up, now.
Mark walks right up to the barrel of the gun.
Mark: What are you going do about if I say no?
Peter: Well, I was thinkin of shooting you.
Mark sniggers.
Mark: You don’t have the balls to do it.
Peter: I’ve already murdered one, I can do it again.
Mark: Seriously Peter put the gun down. You won’t shoot me, I know you too well for that.
Mark backs off and begins to walk away.
 I’m going to the police tomorrow and tell them I found a body in the forest. Don’t worry I won’t incriminate you, much.
As Mark walks away the thunderous clap of the gun fires off.
Peter: (sighs.) I told you to pick the stretcher up, why couldn’t you just do it?
Mark: Fuck! You shot me in the fucking leg! Are you fucking insane!
Peter: I loved her you son of a bitch and you took that away from me.
Mark: You’re not making sense! You fucking shot me in the leg!
Peter: Now I’m gonna shoot you in the head.
Peter kicks Mark down and thrusts the gun into Mark’s forehead.
Mark:  Why’d you do it?
Peter:  Because in the end I wasn’t flanked by love and opened my eyes to whom Angela really was, you didn’t.
Mark: You know what’s ironic. The fact that it sounds like you two were meant for each other and you ignored your senses. I think you killed her because you were scared just like Angela and now look where it ended for you, a cold blooded killer.
Peter: And look where it ended for you my friend, dead just like Angela.
Mark: And now you have no-one.
Peter: I think I can live with myself.
Mark: But is your conscience clear?
Peter pulls the trigger.
Peter: Fuck, what a mess. This jacket is dry cleaner only. Well, now I’ve got two bodies to take.
As Peter takes the stretcher now with Mark on top of Angela he begins humming the song, ‘The Dam at Otter Creek.’
 When all that’s left to do, is reflect on what’s been done, this is where sadness breathes, the sadness of everyone, deep enough to dive, be here now.

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