Australian Short Film Guide

Welcome to the film guide. Below we list a variety of highly creative and well received short films from some very talented Australian film makers - most of these have been featured around the world at global and national short film festivals.

To view these short films, click the links below.

  • The Naked Eye Astronomer - A tour of the night sky in the south hemisphere - without a telescope!
  • Let Them Smoke - “Let them smoke” observes and dissects the nature of humans. We too often think that we are in control of our lives and our plans we make for the future. It is only when a significant natural or man made disaster strikes that we question our fragility.
  • Something in the Air - A new version of Air, a short made for Tropfest a few years back. Starring Darrin Smith, Patrick James and Murray Fahey. A guy, dressed as Mr. Australia, walks into a music shop and has an unusual request.
  • Just Lucky - Starring Rebekah O'Sullivan and Tim Roberts. What starts out as a friendly game of backgammon becomes a fight for survival as a couple take their new found friendship to the limit.
  • 8 Ways To Kill Stress - City life. It's fast. It's hectic. In fact stress has become so prominent that we suffer from anxiety and depression. What's the solution? Relaxation, and Frank Stantz is keen to show us the way to...
  • Penny - Awarded "Best Short Film" for 2006 at the renowned Melbourne Underground Film Festival. Penny is the story of one girl's search for happiness and the discovery that she is not alone. Great performance by Australia's Holly Marshall. Written, directed, produced and edited by John King.
  • Dim Crims - Comic misadventures of 2 fledgeling criminals. Short Black Films makes short films with young people from urban Aboriginal communities in and around Sydney. All of the films are written and acted by the young people involved. Dim Crims was made in Redfern, Sydney in 2008. Main actors are Nathan Smith, Nayden Simon, Latai Simon and Terence Murphy.
  • Nursery Rhyme - An Australian Short Film written, directed and produced by Michael Demosthenous. Won Best Short Film in the NAFA Film Festival.
  • Beyond Words - In this thriller, a young, deaf woman finds herself being stalked by a mysterious man. "Beyond Words" was a 2009 Tropfest Australia Finalist.
  • Hair Dye - An experimental short film shot on an independent budget in Roxby Downs, South Australia.
  • Paperland - This film is an iconic Australian tale about a gold miner who, after losing his daughter, decides to go to war in Australia's most infamous battle known as the Eureka Stockade.
  • $quid - $quid is an Australian short film starring Josh Lawson and Ed Kavalee about a giant squid in the Brisbane River. Enjoy. Daley Pearson & Luke Tierney are the writers, producers and directors of $quid.
  • Mardi Gras - Another miniature masterpiece from Tilt-shift time-lapse master, Keith Loutit. Using a variety of techniques, this short film hopes to encourage people to take a second look at places that are familiar to them.
  • Bad Company - Our very successful short horror film from Australia that played 19 film festivals around the world..Two ruthless criminals after a failed robbery take a hostage on the isolated roads of the Australian Outback...lost and in unknown country they soon find themselves being hunted....
  • Gundown - Spaghetti Western short film shot on location at Kattemingga (Man from Snowy River, Ponderosa) in Victoria, Australia. Written and Directed by Andrew McKenzie.
  • LAMB - A short film by Emma Freeman. Tropfest Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Score.
  • The Picnic - The desperate acts of a crazed woman turn a friendly picnic into a day to remember. Winner of Tropfest NY 2007, directed by Belinda King.
  • This is Perth - A short film by Vincenzo Perrella & Dan Osborn. Music by Adrian Kingwell.
  • The Perfect Family - A Family that has everything... nice house perfect life.. perfect kids until one night.
  • Phillip - An Australian short film which qualified for the LA Film festival. Director - Daid Kelly; Producer - Jon Dixon; Phillip - Peter Lees.
  • Paper Dart - Paper Dart is a whimsical film about Wyatt Kettling - a very ordinary man with hidden talents... Inspired by Jacques Tati.
  • Portal - About a girl. Independent Australian Short Film.
  • Rain - Rain is a short 2D animated film created by Simon Streatfeild at the Centre for New Media Arts at the Australian National University in 2007.

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