Video Camera HIre & Sydney cameraman

Professional Video Productions

Video Camera Hirehas professional videographers with over 20 years experience in Entertainment, Conference, Product Launch, Television Advertisements, Interview and Legal Video Depositions.

We can quote on 1 hour or 12 hours including professional microphones - either lavalier or flat PZM conference microphones with or without boom.

Don't spend tens of thousands on production when Video Camera Hire can cut your budget and quote an affordable rate for yourfinished product.

We offer professional digital editing in Sydney and Melbourne by experienced television editors all of whom have worked on major Australian television shows, events and commercials.

We can give you a time coded DVD of your video tape so you can select your scenes and our editors can edit your footage at affordable rates to finished product.

So, call for a quote you will be surprised how affordable that TV commercial, company video or how-to video or training film can be.

Budget Video Productions

Everyone would like to be a Steven Spielberg, soVideo Camera Hirecan help you with your production needs. Whether it is a birthday party, a two camera high definition conference shoot, a company training film, we will advise you on the production requirements you may need or supply you a quote for our trained staff to produce your video.


Whether you are recording your company conference in a large ballroom or sales conference in a boardroom,Video Camera Hirehas the cameras to suit any requirement, with up to 12 cameras operating in the same room, or allocating a camera to each focus group. Combine video camera and data projection and you will have the perfect big screen projection of your speaker or guest.Video Camera Hirewill suggest production ideas and supply a free consultation of your request to help you get the best results possible.

Training Films

If your company has a marketing or production company division most times we can advise the equipment you may need to produce your training films and save you production costs or we will send a small production crew to your company for a budget production.

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