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hi, i am a electronic music producer,that has been producing for roughly the last 8 years, i have releases and are currently on a label but are looking to move into sound design and start my own buisness that will specialize in anything experimental and a bit different...i spose my speciality would be very deep soundscapes either eerie or very uplifting..... i have access to a icon studio and can mix in 5.1 with the best outboard gear available...

at the moment i am looking for short films,that are slightly darker or uplifting...but will look at anything... some short examples of my work a improvisation jam i came up with watching a short film in about half an hour( unmixed,unmastered) a experimental soundscape made out of nothing but 100% aliminium foil then manipulated with modulation effects: some ideas i came up with for a friend in about an hour, all origional samples recorded by myself: i look forward to recieving anything to work with,as im really keen to get a portfolio going please email me: [email protected]

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