Stephen Wools


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Stephen, Joseph WOOLS

12th March 1982

Select Actors Management (Australia)

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Age Range:    
18 - 24

The Story so far...
Stephen has spent many years in training with Geelong Screen Actors Studio and has been engaged
in numerous on-camera workshops with some Australian talent, such as Bud Tingwell, Jan Russ, and Jeff Brooks. The local town boy has gained experience in such television dramas as Welcher & Welcher, Neighbours, Last Man Standing and Short Cuts, which gained Best Children's Drama for 2002 in the AFI awards. His Semi-Regular role as Rhys Graham on Short Cuts has given him more passion to perform in the industry. Stephen's story has only just begun, but the gaps will be filled in the future...


Drama & Theatre
1997/98 Theatrical Studies/Training and Performances with Sacred Heart College
1993/94 Theatrical Training - Bellarine Jongleurs

Film & Television
1995-98 Film and Television Training - Geelong Screen Actors Studio

1998  Film Workshop Kathy Mueller (Director Girl From Tomorrow)
1997  TV/Film Workshop Jan Russ (AP/Casting Director Neighbours)
1997  Comedy/TV Workshop Jeff Brooks (Director/Actor Full Frontal)
1997  Stage/Film Workshop Charles Bud Tingwell (Actor The Castle)
1997  Film/Television Workshop Dina Mann (Film Producer)

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