Stephanie Jaja

I am extremely energetic, confident, enthusiastic, and diligent, as evidenced by my school reports. Throughout my schooling I have achieved academic awards of excellence in numerous subjects and attended gifted and talented workshops at the University of New South Wales since the age of five years.

I have been exposed to live audiences from a young age through both dance concerts and music recitals. I have studied a variety of dance styles – ballet, jazz, and tap over the last ten years, however my real passion is acting. I began acting lessons at ATYP in my primary years, and recommencing my studies in 2009 at NIDA, I have undertaken a range of acting courses. In addition, this year I have completed courses at Screenwise and AIPA, including a courses with US casting directors, and participated in various theatre performances. I am passionate about all aspects of performing and acting, and enjoy being in the public eye.

Having been fortunate to travel extensively both within and outside Australia, I have been able to get a feel for many different cultures and people throughout the world, which assist me in playing various roles. I thoroughly enjoy every experience and always do the best I can.

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