Samuel Franois Steininger

My name is Samuel Franois-Steininger, I'm a French composer and producer. I started learning musical theory and performing the clarinet at the age of 7 in Nancy Conservatorium of Music, and got my very first musical experience in a movieat that time watching Jaws ! Ennio Morricone, Angelo Badalementi, Franois de Roubaix and John Williams then became my idols, but i didn't know I will do the same job many years later yet... From 12, I started performing in several ensembles, from world music bands to symphonic orchestras.

After getting a master degree from Lilles Business School in France and still passionate about movies, I began my career working as a production assistant and then a production manager in a famous documentary films production company in Paris. During 6 years I managed the production of more than 20 films, working with producers, directors, DOP, editors, sound engineers, colorists and ... composers of course. That's how I realised I really want to do this full time.

I learnt writing and producing music for movies with Blake Neely (The Mentalist, Pan Am) and Bruce Broughton (Silverado, the Jag).

You'll find on this website extracts from my last works, and even projects I'm working on at the moment. I already have successful experiences in telecommuting, so do not hesitate to contact me even if you live far.

See you soon !

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