Peter DeBeer / Composer

Peter Debeer

Peter J DeBeer - Composer for Film and Television

My name is Peter DeBeer. I am a composer and I want to help make your project awesome. So awesome in fact that people will be talking about it for years to come!

There is a quote which says “people don’t remember all that you say, but they will never forget how you made them feel”

This I believe is what will be needed for your project, you want your message to connect not only with people’s heads but also their hearts.

Choosing the right music should be treated as one of the most important aspects of your project, as the right music can absolutely make the project and the wrong music can break it!

So then, what is the right music?

The right music is not just about genre and duration, it is about invoking the right emotional responses from your audience, and inspiring them every time.

It is about top notch, best of breed music writing, orchestration and production. Nothing less. This puts your project above the rest, and can only be obtained from a tested and proven composer and music producer.

Many of our clients request longer, shorter, variations on the music found here. Whether you need epic, cinematic trailer music or fantastic commercial, corporate, inspirational genres, we are always happy to help, so by all means get in touch if this is you.

Peter J DeBeer, Sydney, Australia

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