Nikoline Bangen, Actress, 21 years old

Hi! My name is Nikoline Bangen, Im 21 years old (but I look about 16). I have an agent: kathy tabet of Katz Modeling and Talent management. I live on the Gold Coast and I am prepared to travel, depending on assignment and compensation, pretty far. I have alot of experience in modeling and I have done an acting course but I need more experience and I am extremely interested in anything you can throw my way!

Im 174cm tall, I weigh about 60kg, I have long blonde hair with a sideswept fringe, blue/green eyes, long eyelashes, freckles but they can be covered and they look very natural. I have a tatoo on my back but it can easily be covered - I have my own makeup for that.

I am willing to do almost anyting, apart from nudity. I love acting and want to focus on it as much as I can but I also dont mind modeling. I can sing and dance as well. I also have some experience in working backstage as a PA, and a boomswinger, so Im prepared to accept those kind of jobs as well!!

If you think I would be useful to you, contact me here:

[email protected], or my agent: [email protected]

or text me on 0405384945

thanks heaps!


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