Nick Kelly

Nick has always been drawn to making people laugh, but it was only during the last year of University that he began to try to make people laugh through the visual medium of film/video.

Nick is a big fan of “uncomfortable” comedy, humour based on those social faux-pas that the ordinary person would easily be able to diffuse, but the unordinary person would handle exceptionally badly. Two of Nick’s biggest influences, Ricky Gervais and Larry David, are examples of the tone of humour Nick is striving towards. Still developing and honing the craft of screenwriting, Nick has already had his work read by established figures in the British film industry such as Kenneth Branagh, Sir Alan Parker and Nik Powell.

His most recent short film script "Caesar's Lament" was awarded best comedy script at the 2009 Indie Gathering Film Festival.

Nick is eager to network with any and all Australian filmmakers & producers to chat about upcoming films, collaborative projects and general goings on in the world.

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