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Self-publishing an eBook can be a time consuming and isolating experience, with a lot of new skill sets to develop including technical capabilities, accounts with sales portals, sales experience and marketing know-how. If that all sounds a bit daunting, you need a partner like MetaPlume.


Our e-publishing services are really flexible. If you know how to work in ePub already and just want a partner for promotions, we can work with you. If you already manage an eye-raising line-up of followers but don’t have a clue what ePub even is, we can handle the conversion and publication and then let you carry on with the promotion. We’ll tailor a partnership that works for you.

Who we can work with

a manuscript ready for publication

a manuscript you think it ready for publication!

a print book you want to re-publish as an eBook

print publishers

a blogger who wants to re-package their writing

a website that wants to leverage content

an expert wanting to capitalise on their knowledge

published writers

unpublished writers

niche topics

anyone with quality content and a desire to succeed in their e-publishing

eBook Preparation

MetaPlume does all the fiddly time consuming work of:

Copy editing


Cover page design

File conversion to html, PDF, ePub

All versions can be checked and pre-approved by you before publication, giving you control without investing a lot of time.

We are experienced in:

Attention to detail

Producing designs and layouts that look great on Kindle, iPad, tablets, and various other eReaders

Handling diacritics used in various languages

Creating eBooks with images

Cover design that stands out on eBookstore menus

WordPlume Choice Program

Quality manuscripts may be accepted to the WordPlume Choice program which involves no upfront fee and a generous revenue share model. Submit your writing or project for consideration. There are no restrictions on the genre, topic or length.

Unlike most eBook publishing services, we don’t promote set package deals that lead to eBooks being published and/or promoted in ways that aren’t appropriate for the topic or title. Some authors need their public profile to be developed, others already manage their own. Some clients only need help with formatting of a print book for eBook publication; others need full distribution services. Make contact with MetaPlume today and a Project Manager will be assigned to you to discuss a package that specifically meets your eBook publishing needs.

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