MC Lord Magrao

MC Lord Magrao(Born Ricardo Bombine Pimentel) is a BRIT Award and Mercury Music Prize nominated multi-instrumentalist best known as the former guitarist for British band Guillemots. He is originally from Sao Paulo in Brazil but splits his time between London, Melbourne and Sao Paulo.

Notable songwriting contributions to Guillemots include the bass riff on the song "Get Over It", the synth bass riff on the song "Kriss Kross", and the guitar riff on the song "The Basket". He also wrote the instrumental "Spring Bells", and the songs "She's Evil", "Monotonia" and "Blue Eyes".

He is known for his use of unusual instruments, most notably using electric power drills on his guitar and playing the typewriter and a giant clothes peg percussively. He is also known for his unique way of using guitar effects pedals to create otherworldly soundscapes.

Born in Sao Paulo, Magrao originally studied photography at Senac but dropped out after a year to focus on music. He played many guerrilla gigs around Sao Paulo with Prendedor, NonFone and Trio Charango.

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