Mark Constable

Hi my names Mark Constable, im 19 years old and Attend University of Southern Queensland as a 3rd year Bachelor of Applied Media Studant, where i also work as a Studant Ambassador. Ive had experience inActing, Producing, Directing, Gaffer and DOP, Prefering Acting and Producing. Im short, 169cm tall, and weigh 50 kg. Im Extremly Fit, and play many sports in my spare time, such as Touch Football, Rugby Leauge, Union, Indoor soccer, Volleyball and Netball. Im fun and Outgoing and love talking to new people, as its apart of my job as well. Quite eager to prove i can play any role, and wold love as much experience as possible.

Producer of Studant short film "Young Love"

Actor of Studant short film "Young Love"

Producer of Studant Film "RAW"

Main Actor of Studant Film "RAW"

Gaffer of Studant Game show Series "Triviality"

Sound Operator of Studant Documentry "Hoons"

Producer of Studant Short Documentry "Grass"

Director of Photography of Studant Marketing DVD "Bremer Tafe Hairdressing"

Main Actor of Studant Short Film "The Uni Heist 2"

Main Voice Actor of Studant Radio Play

Co-Host of University Radio Show "LunchBox with Mark and Aaron:

Featured on Multiple Advertising bits for University of Southern Queensland (Television, Bus's)

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