Luke Launer

Hi my name is Luke Launer, I'm a Film Director with a little over 3 years experience, the fact that I have been doing film alot longer than that. But professionally for about 3 years now. I currently reside in Bendigo, Victoria. But do quite alot of traveling to various places across Victoria for film work, location scouting and more. I like to create unique and original pieces of work.

I'm proud to annouce that I have just finished up on my 1st ever feature called, "The Count" which is based on a Home Invasion caught on video camera. The films re-play value has hit the high market for Thrillers which is quite amazing, our next step is to advertise our product right across the world in many film festivals as well as alot more public screenings. I am also currently in the early stages of Pre-production on my epic masterpiece, "Xarium" which is due for shooting late 2011 early 2012. The film is set in Medieval times and will offer a very strong emotional plot/storyline and characters. For more information please be sure to check out our website for more details:

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