LucanoMattiolo - DOP & Steadycam - HDSLR Specialist

Good morning,

We are two young professional film makers with 9 years experience.

We come from two different countries and different Video/Films schools, and that’s what make us a great team.

Alessandro has been working in Turin for 9 years as a television director for three TV shows, while Junior has been working for five years around Italy and USA as a camera reporter for news, sports, and live shows.

At the same time we kept working outside the television world, doing many other things together like D.O.P. and Directors for: Short Films, Music Video Clips, Institutional Video, BackStage Film and many other things.

We’ve just moved in Sydney and we would like to have the opportunity to be part of your team.

With our experience and energy we can be a great support for your next projects: Junior Lucano is a Steadicam operator, Alessandro Mattiolo is an expert of HDSLR cameras and we have here our own equipment for work. Both of us are EFP/ENG Operator for Broadcast productions. We know how to operate with any kind of camera.

We can play the following roles:
D.O.P. for HD or Broadcasting
Cinematographer for Documentary HD or Broadcasting
Steadicam Operator HD or Broadcasting with equipment
EFP/ENG Camera Operator HD or Broadcasting
EFP/ENG Camera Assistant HD or Broadcasting
Assistant for Steadicam Op. (Video, HD and Film)
HDSLR Camera Operator with equipment
HDSLR Camera Assistant
Stills Photographer
Stills Photographer Assistant
Video Split Operator
Data Wrangler

Editor suite Adobe and Final Cut with equipment (for Shortfilm, Music Video, Documentary, News, etc.)

You can see some of our works and equipments at to get an idea of the quality and the professionality that we can offer.

We would really appreciate if you could meet us for an interview.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Kind regards,
Junior Lucano,
Alessandro Mattiolo.

Please contact us at [email protected]

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