Karl-Heinz Barr

B I O G of Karl-Heinz Barr Character Actor Dialouge fluent English and German Accents Russian,German,French 1964 Cabaret performance in Berlin Germany "Chez Nous" Night Club 1964 On Tour with "Carrousel de Paris" 1964 On tour "La Plantation" Rabat Morocco 1964 On Tour "Puerta del Sole " Casablanca Morocco 1964 Royal Command Performance (Princess Lalaicha of Morocco) 1964 ON Tour "Kotoubia Palace " Tangiers Morocco 1965 "Carousel de Paris " Night Club performance 1965 "Quiller Memorandum" Bit part Director Michael Anderson (Stunt Driving) "A Dandy in Aspic" Director Anthony Mann "Arbeit mit Musik" UFA Studios Berlin 1966 "Catharina Valente Club" Karlsruhe Germany 1974 "International Vaneties" Sydney Australia Night Club 1975 and onwards "Newsfront" Director Phil. Noyce "The Young Doctors" Channel9 "Red Tulip Chocolates" Commercial "Patrol Boat" ABC TV "The Oracle" ABC TV "Visine" Commercial "Paris Match " Quiz Show Pilot (Royce Smeal Prod. ) "Dawn the Movie" the life of Dawn Frazer "Equinox" Shortfilm 2007 and onwards till today "The Whistler" Comedy short film (lead) "Gas Station Carnival" Student short film "Archie Sykes" role of the judge (Comedy) "Coffee for two" role of the nerdy Lover (lead) Comedy "The Answering Machine" role of Boras (lead) Comedy "The Appointment" role of the Doctor (lead) Comedy "Billy's big Day" role of Mr. Heugaard (supporting) "Mao's Last Dancer" Extra (need the Money!) "Anusol" Commercial role of the Priest FAX 02 9698 3857 PH 02 9698 5377 MOB 0404 968 524 EMAIL [email protected] STUDIO http://karlslittlegarden.com/port2.html

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