Karactaz is one of the world’s leading independent animation studios based in Australia and New Zealand. With a solid base in 2D Classical Animation, the studio began production in 2002 on a 30-minute film called THE UNDERWATER MELON MAN. Since then the studio has had a string of
successes in the Artistry, the Workflow, and the Technology of Animation.

Showcased at NAB 2004 in Las Vegas as an example of how best to use Discreet’s
3D Studio Max Software and Combustion for seamless 2D/3D Integration, Karactaz has
led the way for quality in the 2D/3D Realm. The studio has won three ASIA IMAGE APOLLO AWARDS for Animation, and two NEW YORK FESTIVAL SILVER AWARDS.

Selected as the premiere production house in Asia-Pacific to Design and Develop Original Series by MTV Networks Australia in 2008, Karactaz created THE CHEST NUTS
- a five-minute Pilot for an Original Series in the 2D/3D Karactaz style.
The 2D/3D style dominated the studio, and Karactaz created KARACTAZ ECLIPSE
software to automate complex compositing tools. This product furthers the gap
between other 2D/3D studios and the ground-breaking Karactaz Team.

2007 was the year to boost the 3D department in Karactaz, and the team created 3 brand new artistic styles for 3D Animation - Digital Claymation, The Digital Toy-Box and Digital Real Paint - all proprietary Karactaz styles. All High Traditional Craft, and High Technology.

In the last part of 2008, Karactaz produced SUPERMAN: RED SON, a 60-minute Animated Motion Comic for Warner Premiere in Los Angeles. Supervising and completing all areas of production, Karactaz delivered 60-minutes of Digital Cinema with Dolby 5.1 Sound in four months using the Karactaz 2D/3D workflow.

Currently Karactaz is working on it’s own short-film, ROCKET. It is scheduled to release in the US Fall, 2009 and will push 3D Action Animation to a new level of artistry.

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