Jordana Bligh

Hi there, my name is Jordana, I am 26 years old and have just made the GIANT leap into the land of voice over...

I have always been told my voice is EXTREMELY unique. The most recent quote was that I have "the voice of a 40 year old but sound like I am 20".

I have recently completed my voice demo and am super keen to get out there and gain some valuable experience. I would like to offer my services at a competitively low price...

I would also like to offer my services to all:


If you are working on any projects or assignments in which you will be requiring a voice over, please let me know and I would like to help you out as I am looking at gaining my confidence and experience in voice over.

To listen to my voice compilation please visit my website:

Please contact me at any time to discuss any voice over opportunities...

0401 888 883
[email protected]


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