Jaala Webster

Born: May 8th, 1982

I have been acting since I was nine, completing my ATCL with Trinity College of Drama.  I have been studying signing for five years, throwing a bit modelling in here and there.  I was choreographer and dance teacher with Triple Threat Productions, Mackay, with interests in Latin ballroom, jazz and funk.
I'm also a confident waterskier - a handy skill!

Although I have only begun my journey into short films this year, I have a strong theatre background, and love working with new ideas. I am currently studying Journalism at Bond Univeristy on the Gold Coast.

PLAYS Doris - God (2000) Lizzie - memory of Lizzie (1999) Leading Player - Pippin (1998)

FILMS Service with a Smile (2000) Telephone Booth (2000)

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