Henrique Dib - Composer

Hi, my name is Henrique Dib and I am a composer based in Sydney, Australia who gave up a career in civil engineering due to a serious, unstoppable (and infectious!) passion for composition and performance. My musical background and influences range from classical, jazz, pop and latin styles to experimental, electronic, ethnic and avant-garde music. Besides composing, I teach at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and now plan to establish myself as a composer for film, games and TV.

My studio provides sound and music solutions to a diverse range of clients including musicians, film & video producers, advertising agencies, games designers and web developers. I work with the latest in music technology to provide a professional and fast service.

Click here to find short demos of my latest works as well as soundtracks, compilations and excerpts of previous compositions.

If you follow this link you will see some of the past and current projects I worked/am working on ..

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