Hammon Scripts

Steven Hammon has written feature assignments and several other writing assignments.

He has produced a series of short films with plans of shooting a feature.

Finalist in the Biz of Screenwriting competition.


*The Hero's 2 Journeys - Hauge and Vogler

*Blake Snyder - Save the Cat Strikes Back.

*Just BASIC Computer Programming tutorial course.

*Blake Snyder - Save the Cat Goes to the Movies.

*Blake Snyder - Save the Cat

*How Not to Write a Screenplay - Denny Martin Flinn.

*Pushing The Envelope class

*The Complete Hero's Journey

*Invincibility class

*Fresh and Edgy class

*Pro Series Rewrite class

*The Hero with a Thousand Faces - Joseph Campbell.

*Pro Series

*DVD extras

*Story - Robert McKee.

*Script Writing All Media

*Telling Writing - Ken Macrorie.

*Grammar made easy - Barbara Dykes.

*On going TAFE writing course


*"the making of" documentaries

*legit and professional internet articles


*TAFE Business course

*TAFE Trade course

*High School

Fields of Expertise:

*Writing Poetry

*Writing Short Stories



*Computer Games

*BASIC computer programming

*Electrical Trade




*Panel Beating

*Witch Craft


*Light Hypnosis

*Dream Reading


*The disgusting things of humanity.

Willing to network with serious and dedicated people and help out in any way he can.

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