Ginene 'Dandelion' Humphrey

  • Director
  • Independent Producer
  • Camera
  • Filmmaker
  • Documentary Maker
  • Film Editor (FCP. Prem)
  • CGI Artist
  • Scriptwriter
  • Script Consultant
  • Writer

Ginene is currently a sessional LECTURER/TUTOR [Documentary & Scriptwriting] at the Griffith Film School, and is in the final semester of a Doctorate of Visual Arts [Film/Documentary/Scriptwriting]. She also holds a Masters (Hons) [Film/Doco/Scriptwriting] and a B. Communications. [Writing/Screen Studies]

She is also the owner of 'Conscious Films' Winner of 'Love your local Business' Intuit Award 2014:

A Film/Media consultant and Board Member of the Association of Women Educators (AWE)

And most notably, the author of 'DANDELIONS' Feature Documentary Film:

Email: [email protected]

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