Deborah Sheldon

Deborah Sheldon's television scriptwriting credits include State Coroner, Australia's Most Wanted, Neighbours and an original telemovie under option with Crawfords Australia. Her play is a finalist in Eltham Little Theatre's national Ten-Minute Quickie 2009 competition and will be performed in May.

Other writing credits include magazine articles (eg. Australian Penthouse, Prevention, Australian Wellbeing), and non-fiction books (Reed Books, Random House). Her medical writing includes the internationally award-winning CD ROM SomaZone, patient information for Australian and Australasian medical associations, and the Better Health Channel web site. Her short stories have appeared in Quadrant magazine, Polestar Writers' Journal, Australian Reader, Southern Ocean Review, page seventeen, Positive Words, FreeXpresSion, Eclecticism, Prima Storia and Cottonmouth. Deborah Sheldon lives in Melbourne Australia.

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