David Wiernik

Credits Info Stage 2015 Peter Van DaanThe Diary of Anne FrankNew Theatre, Sam Thomas 2014 PosnerThe History BoysTheatre on Chester, Carla Moore 2013 Cast memberDwarf Revue: Solid GoldAustralian Theatre for Young People, David Harmon 2012 Cast memberTheatresports School Challenge (Semi-Finalist)Impro Australia 2011 PeterBetween These LinesKerrabee Theatre Musical Theatre 2015 A-rabWest Side StoryChatswood Musical Society, Chapin Ayers 2015 EnsembleLegally BlondeWilloughby Theatre Company, Courtney Cassar 2015 Featured DancerChessManly Musical Society, Ryan Fogwell Commercial 2014 FeaturedSeven-ElevenJungleboys, Trevor Clarence 2014 FeaturedAGLGPY&R

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