by Dharmic Mathur

Short Film
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Scene 1 - Entrance of a building
Shot 1 - A man is entering a building. With the way he is walking he doesn’t seem to be happy and there is a question on his face. As he enters the building he asks the watchman for Sai Clinic. The watchman tells him the way and asks him to make an entry in the register, he does that and enters the A wing of the building.

Scene 2 - Reception desk of the clinic
Shot 1 – Before entering the clinic he sees a sign board and removes his shoes. The sign board said KINDLY REMOVE YOUR SHOES OUTSIDE.
Shot 2 – He enters the clinic and walks towards the reception desk where the receptionist is sitting and chatting with one of her friend on the phone. He walks towards her and asks her if he can meet the doctor, as she was busy with her friend on the phone she unwillingly asks him for his name and writes it in the register and asks him to sit in the waiting lounge. Then the man asks if the doctor has come the receptionist again asks her to sit and tells him that the doctor will be there in 15 minute he then looks at the watch it is 11:45 am then he goes and sits in the waiting lounge he is looking very tensed and nervous.
Shot 3 – It is 12:30 the doctor has still not arrived and the receptionist is still on the phone with her friend and is laughing and cracking jokes. Suddenly the man hears the noise of the door of the lift shutting and hearing that the receptionist hangs up the phone. The doctor then enters the clinic the receptionist wishes him and the doctor replies back. The doctor then looks at the man and smiles at him and asks the receptionist to send him inside after two minutes and he goes insides his cabin.
Shot 4 – The receptionist then gets a call from the doctor on the intercom where the doctor asks her to send the man in. The receptionist then asks the man to go inside.

Scene 3 – Doctors cabin
Shot 1 – The man walks inside the doctor’s cabin and says Man – Doctor I am your patient not anyone else Doctor – Yes I know but why did you say that? Man – just because nobody comes to see a doctor himself and specially a physiatrist Doc – ok alright come sit Doc – how are you doing young man? Man – I am not doing well doctor Doc – why whats wrong with you? Man – I don’t know but I am not the same person as I was a Few years back Doc – and what has happened to you in those years Man – I lost my mother she was my only family , she was my everything but she died two years back latter I lost my job I was working in a factory as a porter but was fired and I have no idea of why they fired me. Doc - Are you married? Man – No I am not nor do I have a girlfriend. I fell in love with someone but she did not love me. Doctor I have no family no girlfriend no friends I have no reason to smile no reason to live but I want to live I want to live for myself but I don’t know what to do. Doc – If you want to live then go ahead live for yourself don’t let anything stop you. Go watch movies make friend hang out with them and you will have a reason to live and you will get your smile back. Man – I have tried everything but it didn’t work out I am still the same. Doctor thinks for a while and says-: Ok don’t worry you do not have any problem just that you need some time and and I am giving you some medicines these are for hypertension take them twice a day one in the morning and one in the evening. As the doctor is writing the prescription he stops and says Just do one more thing go and watch this circus in bandra there you will see a clown his name is ‘GROCK’ he is the funniest man alive in the world I went to watch that circus with my family last week and he made us laugh our guts out go meet him and you will get everything that you need The man says Doctor ‘I AM GROCK’ The doctor is shocked and keeps staring GROCK


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