A Conversation In The Park

by Anthony Barbarich

Short Film
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Life is full of struggles of illusion and reality. Triumph and trauma walk a fine line together. Depending on which way someone is pushed the person will most probably be measured and defined by the reaction to a situation.

Chris a man in his early 30's seems to be stuck in the monotone cycle of life. Drinking almost every night he tries to delay the present and forget his past. As he faces a crossroad ahead of him he chooses to avoid it. However life shows him the way and drags him to deal with his demons as he walks in the park after another drunken night. The reality and illusions make a head on collision in the park with events unfolding that he never saw coming and was desperately avoiding. In the park during the night Chris meets his son through whom he sees a flash of his future as he is 50, lonely and still drinking. Meeting his wife reminds him what he left behind and his wife's burden of raising a daughter and son on her own. Scared person reminds Chris that he is scared himself as the little kid represents him when he was free of failure and fear. The character of fighter interrupts the fear conversation and puts the scared person in his place helping Chris to over  come his insecurities.


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